Boston North Artists

Walter Williams

Artist Statement

Painting in a loose abstract style releases energy in me that isn’t there when I paint more realistically. I am interested in making art rather than reproducing what I see in front of me. Working intuitively, I’m not sure where I’m going when I start but confident that I’ll know when I get there. I approach a blank canvas or paper with no preconceived plan or thought, and I let the inner creative juices guide and direct my stroke-making and color choices. Mixed media (watercolors, acrylics and ink) is my favorite media. I like the way colors blend together, often leading me in unexpected directions.


PEGASUS XI, Mixed media, 24" x 30"

Pegasus XII

PEGASUS XII, Mixed media, 24" x 32"

Hidden Cove

Hidden Cove, Mixed media, 18" x 24"

Mystery Bay

Mystery Bay, Mixed media, 20" x 27"