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Norris Strawbridge


After a long career in architecture, Norris Strawbridge FAIA retired. He quickly discovered that he was “getting under foot” around the house and so he returned to his first love: watercolors. Having not painted since college, he soon rediscovered that watercolors can be deceptively challenging.

To expand his skills, Norris has taken numerous workshops with Gary Tucker, a renowned Boston area fine artist and instructor. He has also studied with Alvaro Castagnet, Charles Reid, Andy Evansen, Wendy Artin, Ashley Bryan and Henry Isaacs. He is an artist member of the Newton Watercolor Society and Boston North Artists. He is also an Associate member of the Newburyport Art Association, the Rockport Art Association, the North Shore Artists Association and the American Watercolor Society. He has exhibited his work in group shows throughout the Greater Boston area.

Norris received his Bachelor of Arts from Columbia University in 1968 and his Masters in Architecture from MIT in 1976. In the interim he was a diving officer in the U.S. Navy. Norris devoted the core of his architecture career to designing campuses and their buildings for universities and colleges in North America and beyond.

Artist statement

I believe that enchanting watercolors invite the viewer to join with the artist in an investigative dialogue. With watercolors, what is not stated can be as important was what is initiated by the brush. The dance of dark and light values, the aria of hues and the dialogue of lost and found edges invite the imagination of the viewer and the painter to collaborate in a quest for forms revealed by light.




Boston Harbor Red Sails

Boston Harbor Red Sails, Watercolor, 10" x 16"

CITGO in the Rain

CITGO in the Rain, Watercolor, 20" x 12"

Time and Place

Time and Place, Watercolor, 20" x 12"

Sailing on the Ebb

Sailing on the Ebb, Watercolor, 12" x 20"

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